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Our Vision & Mission

Revitalist began in 2017 when our founder, Katie Walker, learned the profound transformational benefits of combining holistic therapies with medical treatments. She had a vision for Revitalist to be the gold standard in providing care and support while being the most cost-effective provider in the nation.

With that in mind, our wellness center serving the Chattanooga and Hamilton County areas was designed so individuals could experience an improved quality of life and embrace the wellness they deserve.

Our revolutionary approach to mental health wellness and pain management includes Ketamine, Spravato, TMS, and many other therapies in treatment programs for veterans, first responders, athletes, and community members, making us one of the most trusted healthcare teams in Chattanooga.

Revitalist is paving the way to a new future of patient care. Whether you need individual care or a trusted advisor for your organization or a hands-on coach, we are here to empower you with a renewed vitality for life. We look forward to helping you achieve long-lasting relief and healing from pain and mental health disorders.

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  • IV Ketamine Infusions for Mood and Pain Disorders
  • Spravato (esketamine) FDA Approved for Depression
  • TMS Therapy for Treatment Resistant Depression
  • IV Vitamins for Recovery, Immune Support, and Hydration
Clinic Hours: Monday - Thursday: 8:00am - 6:00pm, Friday: 8:00am - 4:00pm

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