Revitalist is changing the way we provide relief for treatment-resistant conditions.

Revitalist is one of the nations leading providers of Ketamine Infusion Therapy.  Utilizing a team of medical and therapeutic team members, we treat patients with depression, anxiety, PTSD, suicidality, chronic pain, neuropathic pain, migraines, postpartum depression, and other mood disorders.  We seek to reduce overall symptoms and improve lives by restoring function and quality of life.  We are a small team of dedicated clinicians; whose business model seeks to be the gold standard throughout the country via rapid expansion of our proven business model.

The ideal therapist for this role is one who can work independently while collaborating with other healthcare and mental health providers to optimize patient outcomes.  Part of an interdisciplinary team, the therapist plays a key role in ketamine infusion therapy by facilitating safety, integration, and connection with patients.  This position has flexibility to be full-time or PRN.

Duties and Responsibilities
  • Provide individual ketamine assisted psychotherapy to a wide range of patients who are experiencing serious mental health distress.
  • Document all patient interactions in accordance with established protocols and time frames in the electronic medical record.
  • Attend all scheduled treatment team and required meetings.
  • Adheres to all established Codes of Ethics related to individual licensing boards and Multidisciplinary Association of Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) Code of Ethics.
  • Maintains all applicable patient privacy laws and regulations such as the HIPAA Act and other local, state and federal statutes.
  • Adheres to Revitalist established policies and procedures.
  • Facilitates communication between patients, medical staff, and outside providers.
  • Assists in determining an individualized treatment plan for each assigned patient.
  • Assists in growth and development of clinic.
  • Other duties as assigned.
  • Independently licensed to provide psychotherapy in state of residence and in good standing with licensing board.
  • Minimum of master’s degree from accredited university or college.
  • Ability to work as needed Monday – Friday between hours of 8:00am – 6:00pm.
  • Possess excellent verbal, written and computer skills.
  • Three or more years’ experience in providing therapeutic services to those experiencing serious mental illness or distress preferred with special emphasis on complex trauma and serious mood disorders.
Physical Requirements
  • Exposure to biological hazards may occur
  • Hearing of normal and soft tones as well as close eye work required
  • Frequent sitting, standing, walking, bending, stooping, and reaching will occur

We have updated our current in-house services to our
physician-led home ketamine therapies.

At the current time we will only be offering virtual,
at-home services.

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