Comprehensive Consciousness™

The Revitalist Mental Health and Wellness Program

"We created this program to provide continuous support on your journey to improved mental wellness. Cheers to healthier wellbeing."

This program, based on the writings and research of Richard Barrett, consists of six courses. We ask you to study one course each month. At the start of the course, you will be assigned a specially-trained Revitalist therapist who will meet with you for about one hour at the end of every month. The therapist is there to answer your questions and support you on your journey to wellness.

The Program

This course provides you with a road map for your life – the stages of development you must master to become a fully self-actualized individual. You will learn about:

  • The seven stages of personal development
  • The approximate age when each stage of development begins
  • The key requirements for mastering each stage of development
  • The impact of the ego stages of development on your life
  • The impact of the soul stages of development on your life

"Humans evolve in stages. The first three stages are governed by your biological development and the development of your ego. The subsequent stages are governed by your soul. Whether you engage with these later stages of development is your choice. You can stay living in ego consciousness, or you can blend your ego motivations with the motivations of your soul."

Individual Module

includes one module
$ 300
  • Includes one module
  • Duration one month
  • 1 hour with Revitalist therapist
    (optional + $99)

Complete Program

includes all modules
$ 1,500
  • Includes all six modules
  • Duration six months
  • 6 hours with Revitalist therapist
    (optional + $499)

Clinic Subscription

10% off for patients
$ 49
  • 10% off individual modules
  • 10% off complete program
  • 10% off with Revitalist therapist