Revitalist Provides Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy

Ketamine provides an opportunity to restructure and rewire your brain to form new ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving.

Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy

Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy (KAP) is an innovative approach to mental health treatment that differs from traditional therapy. The differentiating factor in KAP is using ketamine infusions to accentuate and enhance the therapeutic session. Likewise, therapy can enhance the positive effects of ketamine infusion.

Though effective on their own, ketamine infusions may benefit from having a therapist guiding you through the experience.

Ketamine and Psychotherapy

How do these two things work together? Individualized and tailored ketamine infusions provide rapid relief of symptoms by stimulating brain communication pathways, increasing plasticity in the brain, decreasing inflammation, and increasing high-functioning brain states. These changes in the brain help disrupt rigid, maladaptive thoughts, behaviors, and disturbing memories that contribute to symptoms of mental health disorders.

Appropriately-timed psychotherapy sessions to address underlying emotional trauma take advantage of the changes that ketamine infusions cause in the brain. Therapy sessions help incorporate the ketamine experience into everyday life. This process can help integrate new relationship templates, new patterns of thinking and feeling, and support new behaviors and beliefs.

At Revitalist, patients feel grounded by the professionally-experienced guide. Grounding tells your mind and body that you are safe, we can dig in, and we are ready and prepared to heal. This process allows us to dig up the root of the problem and simultaneously address the tangle of symptoms and related issues.

What are KAP Sessions Like For Patients?

You will first be asked to attend a consultation to determine if this treatment is best for you and identify the end goals of your treatment. Moving forward, a therapist will sit with you for 50 minutes during your session to provide support, guidance, and help ground you.

KAP sessions vary greatly depending upon the dosage, response, recovery time, and other factors. Like ketamine infusions or traditional psychotherapy, KAP is most effective when you commit to an individualized treatment plan. Benefit and progress experience greatly depends on the individual.

How Does Ketamine Work?

The medical community is still researching ketamine, but the current understanding is that ketamine binds to receptors in the brain. This process increases the amount of glutamate, a vital neurotransmitter. Releasing more glutamate sets off a chain of reactions in the brain that affects thinking and emotional regulation.

In simpler terms, the human brain reacts to ketamine in a way that triggers hormones that help create “feel-good” emotions. Though this effect can occur rapidly after a person receives their first infusion, a series of infusions is usually necessary to optimize the amount of good this treatment can do.

Why Choose KAP at Revitalist?

Revitalist is proud to have pioneered therapy coupled with ketamine infusions (ketamine-assisted psychotherapy) in Tennessee since 2018. Our therapy team has years of professional training and experience encompassing a generalized and specific approach for clients with varying backgrounds, environments, and experiences.