Jill Collins



Jill's Story

Southern girl Jill Collins found success as a real estate agent at a young age. She also found that this type of success was not satisfying to her heart. An unexpected relationship forced her to leave her country roots behind and move around the nation. As she discovered different areas, she also discovered new friendships and mentors that would change her life forever. After dabbling in personal training, she continued to search for her soul and became a Certified Baron Baptiste Power Yoga Instructor and a Level 5 Yoga Fit Instructor. As more changes led her back to her beloved southern state of Tennessee, Jill soon realized that her soul search was not over.

She has since become a holistic health coach and massage therapist, fulfilling her longing heart of the need to give more to others through total body wellness. With her desire to experience the best and pass it along to her clients, Jill accepted a position at a world-class spa and resort as a yoga instructor and massage therapist to clients and celebrities from around the world.

She believes “Balance” is the key to life in all areas. Working in massage therapy and the fitness industry has helped her realize that we live in a fast-paced world with a high-stress level in most areas of our lives. She believes that’s why it’s so important to give back to ourselves by exercising, eating right, and taking time to relax and de-stress. By achieving “Balance” in these areas, one creates a better “you” that, in turn, makes it easier to give your best to others. Revitalize is incredibly proud to offer Jill’s talents to our clients and is eager for you to book your appointment with her today.