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Revitalist is proud to partner with Vibrant Meals as a Chattanooga Pick-Up Location

Healthy Eating Made Easy with Chef-Prepared, Ready-to-Eat Meals

Importance of Nutrition: One of the many unrecognized factors in the development of mental health conditions is the role of nutrition. The link between diet and mental health is growing as the field of Nutritional Psychiatry/Psychology expands. Because our bodies need a regular supply of fuel, proper nutrition is crucial. Oxygen is part of that formula and food is another part. If we supply our bodies with a sugar-laden diet, we are filling up on fuel that is ineffective. But if we supply our bodies with a healthy diet, we are giving our brains the fuel it needs to impact our cognitive processes and emotions. Similar to a luxury vehicle that uses premium gasoline, our brains function best when it receives premium fuel. What Is Vibrant Meals Vibrant Meals is a meal prep and food delivery service that provides healthy, ready-to-eat meals. Each meal is handcrafted from natural, wholesome ingredients and portion-controlled to meet your specific needs. How it works:
  • Order online at and select Revitalist as your Knoxville Pickup Location
  • Order by 8 AM Each Friday for your pickup the following week at Revitalist
  • When you arrive at Revitalist, call 865-290-2465 and a nurse will bring your order directly to your car.

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