Revitalist is changing the way we provide relief for treatment-resistant conditions.

We Provide Ketamine Treatment For The Following Conditions:

Depression is a debilitating disorder characterized by low self-esteem, low energy, and low interest in doing anything enjoyable.

People with anxiety disorders usually have recurring intrusive thoughts or concerns. Learn how ketamine can help you.

Those who suffer from PTSD often experience depression in their lives. Nearly twice as many women suffer from depression as men.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) affects about 2.2 million American adults. It strikes men and women in roughly equal numbers.

Ketamine can help manage chronic pain syndromes: CRPS, Migraines, Neuropathic Pain, Restless Leg Syndrome and more.

 Revitalist can help with your migraines. Discover how the clinical use of ketamine can help your symptoms.

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Ready for your next infusion? Revitalist is happy to now offer high-quality IV infusions for anxiety relief in Chattanooga and surrounding areas.

We have updated our current in-house services to our
physician-led home ketamine therapies.

At the current time we will only be offering virtual,
at-home services.

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