What Is Mental Wellness Coaching?

Many people want to move forward and improve their mental wellness. They often know the changes they need to make in their lives but feel unsure of how to implement and prioritize the necessary shifts and changes on their own. Mental Health Coaches help fill the gap between traditional therapy and self-help books. Coaches help you achieve clarity related to values, goals, or situations so you can overcome obstacles and live your best life. Coaching helps you live authentically according to your definition of success and believes in the inherent wisdom of each client on knowing what is best for them and their situation. Coaches work collaboratively with clients in a partnership approach and can focus on any area of your life. Some common focus areas include relationships, physical health improvement, career advancement or change, academic success, financial stability, parenting goals, and overall personal growth.

While mental health coaches can use tools from traditional therapeutic modalities, the focus is on the here and now, emphasizing goal-directed action. Coaches utilize coaching techniques in collaboration with clients to develop specific plans of action and offer accountability and a clear path to achievement. Unlike traditional therapy, mental health coaching takes place over a predetermined number of sessions and has a clear start and stop time frame. Coaching, in general, provides action-oriented support, guidance, and motivation to impact your overall health positively. Coaching can help clients:

  • Create a clear plan of action.
  • Use current strengths to achieve future goals.
  • Get motivated or organized.
  • Manage health-related symptoms.
  • Improve relationships.
  • Feel empowered to foster the change they want in their lives.

Mental Health Coaching is not a service covered by health insurance but can work alongside therapy and counseling as part of an overall mental health plan.

We are currently accepting new clients for telehealth coaching. If you are considered treatment-resistant with chronic mood or pain conditions (by failing two or more therapeutic measures, i.e., therapy and/or medicative) you would be applicable for a “New Client Consultation” lasting approximately 60 minutes with a provider. 

We are able to accept insurance for this appointment.

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