At Valentine’s Day, each year children design drop boxes in order to have their class mates give them a valentine themed in their favorite cartoon, sport, movie, or other popular trend that year.

We send relatives, close friends, and other loved ones texts, phone calls, messages, emails, or cards letting them know we love them. We bake cakes and share other desserts designed to express our love to others. We lavish our loved ones with gifts of affection and romance (if you need an idea click here). We often have parties and recognize Valentine’s Day in a number of different ways, but should we?

Short answer is yes.

We should express love and friendship in grand fashion when we have the opportunity.  So maybe the better question to ask is, “Shouldn’t we share love and appreciation EVERY day?”

The Gottmans, renowned marriage experts, discovered little things are important EVERY day.  In a recent blog, they suggest:

The key to lasting love is showing care and affection in the small moments. Over time, the little stuff sets the scene for grander gestures to have a bigger impact.

In short, in marriage or any romantic relationship the answer is a resounding “YES!” Show love and appreciation every day! Small gestures matter!

What about people who have recently experienced a break in their relationship?  Or one who sits alone on Valentine’s Day?  Or one who is in the midst of grief over a loved one?  A day like Valentine’s Day can be difficult. So, yes, we should show them love and appreciation every day. Even more, during celebrations of any kind, we should always remember the hurting because those moments are triggers of hurt, pain, loneliness, and grief.

So send them texts, phone calls, messages, emails, or cards.  Share a meal with them. Consider their needs. Be present. Hear their pain. You might change their world of hurt if you do.

Every day can be a day of love.  We just have to be intentional.  Small things matter. Isn’t that the better reason we celebrate Valentine’s Day?