Revitalist Offers Integration Coaching

The news of what psychedelics can do for one’s mental health has been peer-reviewed and become mainstream. Its success stories can be found on the cover of magazines in waiting rooms all around the country. Psychedelics can help relieve depression symptoms, ease anxiety, fight addiction, and soothe those with PTSD.

Despite its success, at Revitalist we know the road to healing isn’t always linear. You’ve completed (or nearly completed) your KAP sessions, but now what? How are you expected to maintain the improvement in your symptoms now? We have the answer.

After completing your Ketamine Infusion Therapy (KAP) sessions, Revitalist offers Integration Coaching to those who want to continue their journey of healing and growth. During your integration coaching experience, you will meet with an integration therapist for five sessions to integrate and process five areas of brain health. These integration sessions can be held in person or virtually.

What is Integration Coaching?

Integration sessions are both personal and individualized. It is taking what you’ve learned during and since your ketamine series and applying it to your day-to-day life. Engaging in practices to support your integration can optimize healing experiences and reduce the likelihood of challenging ones.

The integration process will assist you in anticipating and preparing for potential obstacles, as well as help identify strategies to employ for your well-being in supporting your healing process.

Cost of Treatment

Patients will attend five sessions total at $125.00 per session, or $600.00 for the bundle.