Ketamine Coaching

Beginning a new path to healing can be intimidating, but you don’t have to walk alone.

With Revitalist’s Ketamine Coaching, a licensed therapist is there to help you the entire way as you heal in both body and mind. The treatment opens the door to real, long-lasting change.

Ketamine Infusion Therapy is a unique treatment option for those experiencing treatment-resistant conditions and can even be uncomfortable at times as memories or new feelings begin to surface, but that’s where our experts come in to help guide you through this new experience.

Ketamine Coaching is a service utilized on an as-needed basis. When a provider is unavailable for an in person KAP session, another therapist at a different location can provide Ketamine Assisted Coaching virtually across state lines during the client’s ketamine infusion.

*Treating Population: Ages 12 and up

Benefits of Ketamine Coaching

Through Ketamine Coaching, patients will gain insight into their feelings to help better process and kick-start the healing process. Having a therapist in the room to help guide you can be a great asset to ensure that each session is productive and impactful.

With Ketamine Coaching, we treat the following conditions:

How Ketamine Coaching Works

Throughout our lives, we collect mental and emotional wounds. Sometimes, we have the tools and resources to process and properly heal these wounds. Many times, we do not. We are left to move forward and survive, which involves maintaining relationships, getting food on the table, and moving forward with issues unaddressed.

When this happens, our ego steps in to protect us, which is fantastic in the short run. However, it is similar to putting a band-aid on a deep cut. Soon we find ourselves trapped in reactivity to small triggers related to past traumas.

Ketamine lifts this bandaid–allowing us to properly air out, clean, and tend to these wounds. Layer by layer, the issue that is ready to be healed will come to the surface.

Having a therapist aid you in your ketamine journey can help the healing process go smoothly and painlessly.

Cost of Treatment

Price: $125.00 or included in cash bundle, and each session is approximately 50 minutes.